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BURLESQUE movie review

22 Nov

What’s good, people? First of all, welcome to my new blog which is typically about being “fresh, green & fabulous”. But, time to blog about something completely different.

I had the pleasure of watching this movie on my birthday, Nov. 17th! I was quite excited. I was with a good friend and surrounded by fabulously talented Cher dopple-gangers.

Let me be honest and real, because it seems other reviews are not. This movie is not really a good movie. What saved this movie were the headliners (Xtina & Cher) and the musical numbers. Remove any or both of those factors, and this movie is a DUD. “Uh, the movie is called Burlesque! You can’t remove the musical numbers.” That may be true. The point I’m trying to get across is that this story’s plot is old, tired, beaten and boring. I’ll give it some props — nothing quite too terrible happened to the main character (as what usually happens in stories like this) nor did she make any “bad” decisions. Kind of too perfect, but I admire her drive.

Cher’s role came naturally. Stanley Tucci played his typical role (which I love, love, love. I don’t care this guy always plays the same character. I love the character!) so he was a natural. Kristen Bell was annoying, as usual.

Christina’s acting performance was good. Just good. Nothing else. Nothing memorable. Nothing that would make me think of her as an “Singer/Actress”. She’s still just an amazing singer and on-stage performer to me. Christina looked GORGEOUS in this film. She still looks as crisp, fresh, and young as “Genie in a Bottle”. It was hard for me to find any moment of the movie boring when I was staring at eye-candy the whole time. The whole 2-hours… long movie.

Not much else to say about this movie. Unlike my The Social Network review, this movie just does not have much depth or intrigue. *kanye shrug* Ok, yah, I can talk about the musical pieces, but do I really need to? They were fantastic! I don’t need to say much else.  Characters were quirky/funny, but had no depth and no development. At all. Sorry!

If you’re looking for a great show, watch this movie at a discount if you can or wait for DVD. I don’t think seeing it on the big screen added much for the movie (unlike Avatar that NEEDS to be seen on the big screen, ya dig?). If you’re looking for a movie to watch, you might want to pass on this unless you’re bored. If you’re a lover of Cher or Xtina, this is a must-see.

On a personal note, the movie was particularly inspiring for me. If I had a different family, I could imagine myself in the exact place the main character was in. I am mesmerized by beautiful dancers on the stage and I “want to be up there”. The main character’s incredible hunger & lust for performance was just very juicy for me and I thoroughly appreciated it.