About “Girl”

Hi! You found me?
So I owe you an introduction. I’m a recent graduate from a private university in Texas. My degrees are Math and Philosophy (a child hood love). And yes, actually the two subjects have an important and historic relationship. You wouldn’t have one without the other. I’ve been a student for several years (as you have) and under the dictatorship of my parents, as well. I thought, since I’ve never lived in the real world, I don’t know what I’m doing. After graduation, I am forced to accept that it’s okay to not know what you’re doing and go anyway. Otherwise, I’ll have to live the life someone else planned for me — not the one I want for myself. I determined late in college that I want to pursue a career in dance and nutrition. So I’m on the road to earning a Master’s degree in Nutrition and gettin’ my entrepreneur on! (PS, I’m seeking a co-partner for a green juicing company. Could it be you?)

I make a lot of mistakes a long the way. A lot of discoveries. And since I was 15 years old, whenever I’d have a moment of clarity or realize I’d been getting screwed over I’d think “Why hasn’t anyone on the internet talked about this, yet??” Let me save you some grief and allow me to serve some inspiration.

FAQs (No, I did not make these up except the first one)
Do you hang out anywhere else online? Yep! I love tumblr, pinterest, and youtube. You will find me there at all hours of the night. All  3 of them, yep. At the same time. Oh yah 😉

Why don’t you eat cheese? Because it tastes disgusting and makes me want to barf. Plus, the way conventional dairy products are made is disgusting!! Like, no human being should be drinking that…

Are you vegan? No, because I love eggs and I eat honey. I also believe in the power of organ meats. I do hate factory farming, though. Mainly because of my personal theory on food & energy which translates conveniently to animal ethics. I know I’m misleading with my love of eating raw and vegan foods. But they’re just so delicious! And dairy-free!

What kind of music do you listen to? My favorite song is Mas Que Nada. I also listen to anything that sounds like Pink Floyd or MIA.

What do you do in your free time (besides blogging and studying)? I dance, practice capoeira, rebound, make green smoothies, and other cool things. I also spend atleast 2 hours a day daydreaming and visualizing goals and ideas. My parents would LOATHE that I am actually embracing that about myself now. But why fight it?

Do you have a bucketlist? Kind of. Click here for my pinterest board that serves as my bucket list.

What do you look for in a man? Oh, jeez. Honesty with himself. Trust in me. I really dig a spiritual man who cracks me the eff up! Guys like that make me buckle at the knees.

Can I touch your hair? No. Actually, yes. You can. And also give me a scalp massage. Its a win-win!

Why did you cut your hair? Because I had the crappiest relaxed hair in the world. I bet $100 on it. I hated my hair. So cut it and go natural was the only thing that made sense. Gotta say… this is the most joy and pleasure my hair has ever given me in my life!


This is Kanga B. She appreciates the finer things in life. Unfortunately, she got paired with me at birth. Hence her worn out look. But hopefully, you’ll see her soon as she travels the world and enjoys all the fancy schmancy things that we think are cool.


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