About Blog

Girlaftercollege is an online blog for educated 20-something women. Most blogs for educated women focus on business or school. There aren’t many that really understand you 100%. That have a personal touch and want you to express yourself where you are right now.

This blog documents our 20-something journey to a fabulous and fulfilled adulthood. Living a life of our own design, purpose and desire. Yes, I said our. Reader contribution & action planning is highly appreciated! This blog will hopefully address issues that trip us up along the way (emotional, financial, or just real sh*t goin’ down). We don’t have kids yet, thank God (or even if you do, THANK GOD!). People are giving us contradictory advice. People we grew up with are getting married or urging us to. We consider letting go of our dreams because then maybe things would be easier. We wish we had XYZ instead of ABC (if only someone had told us! Or maybe someone did tell us, but we didn’t believe them!).

At the end of the day, you just want is to drink a mimosa and smile at the sunset on a Sunday afternoon. Is that too much for a girl to ask? Sometimes it feels like it!

Write with me: If you have a passion for writing or webdesigning & everything in our young womanhood life, contact me at quitejaded2gmail.com ASAP!

Advertising: I am not offering advertising quite yet. Stay tuned for when girlaftercollege.com is launched!

Giveaways: If you have a product that you feel will be appealing to our twenty-something audience, contact me at quitejaded@gmail.com to discuss giveaway options. As long as I receive the product, I will handle all of the shipping to the winner.

Review: Gotta be kidding me! I absolutely flippin’ LOVE making product review blog posts and videos! See examples of my work at youtube.com/peaceudo and contact me if you want your product to be next!

Short-term Goals for This Blog:

* move to girlaftercollege.com

*create a nice design — it’s not super important, but I just like things to look good!

* “Must Read” section with book reviews and recommended reading

* a “dream board” section where you can post dreams you want to come true (I have several!)

* Reach 1,000 loyal readers


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