New Year’s in Africa!

30 Dec

Hey lovely ladies!

I’m out in Nigeria celebrating the holidays with my family. It is going to be incredibly hard for me to update this blog while I’m out here. Let me just say, it is  miracle this page even loaded right now.

I’ve been studying the GRE, reading Sailor Moon manga, day-dreaming and watching the E! channel. I’ve got a lot of new insights to share with you in 2012!

But while I’m here, let’s celebrate and dream about the past year and the coming one!

2011: Celebrating the good times!

  • I graduated from university with two degrees! This is awesome because now, I really feel like “Ok, my life will be EXACTLY what I make it and more if I keep the faith! No one can tell me who’s standards to meet. No one can tell me deadlines to do anything anymore. It’s up to me and my faith.” Not to mention to get a degree in philosophy has been a childhood dream of mine.
  • I committed to starting this blog!
  • For the first time ever, I had a reason to read those “relationship” blogs
  • I got my community garden for youth off the ground.
  • I’ve committed to becoming a nutritionist and getting my Master’s. Everyday, I get another sign that this is the path for me. I get so excited every time I hear someone’s story and think “OMG, I could HELP YOU like no one ever has before. I just need to be certified and deepen my knowledge/experience.”

2012: Goals and Desires arriving!

  • Launch officially
  • Perform  a dance piece every other month (even if it’s just on youtube)
  • Get paid to be a fitness instructor
  • Get paid to be an SAT and GRE tutor (btw, as I study for this stuff — more and more I am so happy I was a Math and Philosophy major! Hah!)
  • Apply and get into UTSW (nutrition school — it’s a medical school with a nutrition department)
  • Move out of my parents’ house! And get a dog

*sigh* There are probably so many other things that I’m leaving out, but as they come to me, I’ll keep note in my personal writings. But how are you chicitas?? How are you going to celebrate your 2011 and dream for your 2012?


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